I am raising plant-based kids. It’s not about the animals or the environment. It’s not about the state of American nutrition (abysmal as it is), and it’s not because I find meat super gross. It’s because I need some control. My daughters were born more than 17 weeks too soon…
I'm upgrading around here.
You may have to put shredded purple cabbage on little Benny’s plate 15 times and watch him dump it on the floor or dip it in his water before he thinks…
It’s very cool of you to read a newsletter about lemon-kale smoothies and jackfruit curry. I applaud you for expanding your culinary horizons,
Get your shiznit together and start eating like you want to live long enough to meet your great-great-grandkids.
If your kids are going to watch you inconvenience yourself for something, don’t you want it to be their health?
I have a story and we have a common goal. Even if you don’t know it yet, the fiber is why you’re here.
People get defensive about food, like if my homemade hummus and my beet and kale smoothies somehow mean something about them; frankly, the prickliness…
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The Plant Milk Project